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Read all About it in the Woodbine Twiner

By | August 22, 2017

My friend Gail Hummel Zahn came across this while visiting her hometown this past weekend. The Woodbine Twiner is a local newspaper in Woodbine, Iowa. Recently, the Twiner merged with another small publication to become the Twiner-Herald. According to their Facebook page: “We are the weekly newspaper that covers events and schools across the county… Read More »

Long Distance AM Radio During Solar Eclipse

By | August 21, 2017

Radio friends, be sure to grab your best receiver and scan the AM dial today. The solar eclipse is a rare opportunity to hear long distance stations during the daytime. AM radio stations which normally cut their power back and/or run directional pattern at night will be running on their full daytime facilities. During the… Read More »

Holiday Brand Pop (Minnesota Speak for “Soda”)

By | August 18, 2017

How many of you remember buying a case of these to take camping or up to the cabin? Holiday Village was Minnesota’s original superstore. If you couldn’t find it there, you didn’t need it! They sold everything from tennis balls to television sets. From gerbils to groceries, Holiday Village was your go-to place for whatever… Read More »