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I’m Done Debating the Michael Brown Case

By | August 18, 2014

I have decided that I am no longer going to debate the Michael Brown case. Reason being that it is pointless. One side believes the law enforcement officer was justified in using deadly force. The other side believes Michael Brown was murdered. 99.99999999% of the people voicing an opinion did not witness the incident and… Read More »

Modern Technology: Blessing or Curse?

By | August 22, 2012

Day 2 at the lake. Used to be, you could receive one radio station and one TV channel here. No telephone. Now, there’s over 100 satellite TV channels, a full dial of radio stations, cell coverage, and wireless 3G Internet service. My question: is this a good thing or a bad thing? For me, it’s… Read More »

Verizon, Stop Nagging Me to Upgrade!

By | August 21, 2009

I really wish Verizon would quit pestering me to “upgrade your phone for free!” First, there were e-mails. Then, text messages. Now, they’re CALLING me. They hate the fact that my contract was up 3.5 years ago and want to lock me in for another 2 years. I have a Motorola e815 phone that’s very… Read More »