Morey Fish Company Motley Minnesota

By | July 15, 2018

When I was a kid, no trip to our family cabin was complete without a stop at the Morey Fish Company. My dad always called it “Morey Eel”, which I’m guessing was it’s original name (?) Long before it became a national distributor, Morey Fish was a small company located in Motley, Minnesota.

As the sign suggests, they sold all types of fresh and smoked fish. My personal favorite was the smoked lake trout. Their salmon was also very good. We’d usually stop on the way up for “cabin snacks”, then again on the way home to fill our cooler.

I’m not sure when this photo was taken. Judging by the cars, I would say sometime in the 1950s. Today, they are known as Morey’s Seafood International LLC. Still producing that delicious fish and still headquartered in Motley!

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