Do You Remember When Davanni’s was Pontillo’s?

By | July 29, 2023

Davanni’s is one of my favorite Minnesota restaurants. Whenever I go home to see friends, it’s always on the “A List” of places I need to visit. They serve excellent pizza, pasta, hot hoagies, salads, plus many other delicious menu items. My love affair with this place began in 1981. Back then, Davanni’s was known as Pontillo’s Pizzeria.

One of their locations was at 97th & Lyndale in Bloomington. Pam M., my girlfriend at the time, lived in the nearby neighborhood on the other side of I-35W. We spent lots of time eating at Pontillo’s and playing video games at Beanie’s Arcade, located directly across the street. A few years later, Pontillo’s became Davanni’s. Reason for the name change? They were growing and needed a name that could be trademarked. So, on August 15, 1983, Davanni’s was born. Probably more information than you ever wanted to know. But as I said, I love the place, so I can talk about them until the cows come home!

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