Holiday Brand Pop (Minnesota Speak for “Soda”)

By | August 18, 2017

How many of you remember buying a case of these to take camping or up to the cabin?

Holiday Village was Minnesota’s original superstore. If you couldn’t find it there, you didn’t need it! They sold everything from tennis balls to television sets. From gerbils to groceries, Holiday Village was your go-to place for whatever it was you desired. There were also several Holiday Stationstores, located in smaller towns all across the Upper Midwest. Although Holiday Village is long gone, most of the Stationstores still exist today.

Holiday pop was legendary! Up until the mid-1970s, it was priced at just 10 cents per can. You could often find coupons in the local newspaper which entitled you to 11 or 12 cans for $1.00. To save money, the cans did not have pull tabs. You had to use a can opener to punch drink and vent holes in the top! Dad would always buy a case to take “up north” with us. Grape was the best flavor, followed by orange. Lemon lime and strawberry were always the last ones standing.

A roofer friend found this can inside the crawl space of a house they were working on. Apparently, it had been left there by the construction crew when the house was originally built!

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