Kmart In-Store Music Jingles & Announcements

By | July 6, 2021

Did you really need more proof that you can find ANYTHING on YouTube?

I worked at the Burnsville, Minnesota Kmart when I was in high school. It was a really great job for a teenager. I was able to buy 2 cars, gas, insurance, plus a ton of stereo and CB equipment with the money I made there.

The annual employees’ “family picnic” was not to be missed! Tons of food and kegs of beer, all provided by the company. Yeah, most of us were underage, but nobody cared. This was the early 1980s. A completely different time in America.

One of the assistant managers would let me get crazy on the mic and do insane Blue Light Specials.
It all started with a cart full of pickles. Kmart sold these HUGE jars of pickles in the deli. Or at least they tried to sell them. One day, the assistant manager came to me and said “I want you to get rid of these pickles! Do some Blue Lights.” I asked if I could get crazy and he said “I don’t give a s**t how you do it, just get rid of ’em! I’m tired of seeing this cart full of pickles every time I go into the stock room!”

We sold them all in just 4 days!

As the video states, this Kmart audio package is from the 1973-74 era. “Attention, Kmart shoppers!” Don’t forget to get your personal checks approved at the service desk before entering the checkout lanes! And remember, there’s no smoking allowed on the sales floor!

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