This Was the #1 Song on 7-7-77

By | July 7, 2021

What were you doing 44 years ago on 7-7-77? I was 13 and spent a lot of time listening to the radio. Casey Kasem was my mentor. Every Sunday, I would listen to him count down the Top 40 songs on “American Top 40.” For the week including the magical date of 7-7-77, Casey proclaimed the #1 song in the nation to be “Undercover Angel” by Alan O’ Day.

“Undercover Angel” was Alan’s first hit, but he was no stranger to the record charts. He wrote Helen Reddy’s 1974 smash “Angie Baby” which hit #1 the last week of December, 1974. Earlier that year, the Righteous Brothers made it to #3 with their big comeback hit “Rock and Roll Heaven.” Alan wrote that one, too. By 1977, he decided it was time to sing one of his own songs. He did, and the result was a million-selling record that was #1 on the 4th of July. Billboard ranked “Undercover Angel” as the 9th biggest hit of 1977.

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