Remembering 7/12 TV KCMT KNMT on 7/12

By | July 12, 2021

Since today is 7/12, I thought it appropriate that we remember 7/12 Television!

If you lived in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro B.C. (Before Cable), you would sometimes see a snowy picture on Channel 7 while switching between 5 and 9. That was Alexandria’s KCMT-TV. For several years, KCMT and their satellite KNMT-TV 12 in Walker were the only TV stations in the region.

If you had a cabin in central or northern Minnesota, you certainly remember watching 7/12 Television. At our family cabin 12 miles NE of Park Rapids, Grandpa’s 9″ Admiral black & white TV received a good picture from KNMT-12. Sometimes, we could also get a snowy picture on KCMT-7. The first time this happened, we became all excited that we could receive more than one channel. Our excitement subsided quickly, however, when we realized Channel 7 carried the exact same programming as Channel 12!

KCMT/KNMT were originally NBC affiliates, later switching to CBS. In 1988, they were purchased by WCCO and became a 100% simulcast of Channel 4. KCMT became KCCO. KNMT became KCCW. This marked the official end of 7/12 Television. Their last day on the air was July 7, 2004.

Here is the final local newscast:

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