This Won’t Attract Cops or Anything…

By | July 15, 2021

This morning while strolling through the local Walmart parking lot, I came across this vehicle in severe need of rear windshield repair. Apparently, it’s owner has decided to fix the problem himself. To do so, he used everyone’s favorite all-purpose go-to remedy: Duct tape (or “duck tape”, if you prefer.)

There’s just one small problem: this repair completely covers and thus obscures the Tahoe’s rear windshield. Now, I’m not an expert on traffic laws and ordinances, but I’m willing to guess a setup like this may not be completely legal. I’d even go as far to suggest that operating a truck that has been “fixed” in such a manner just might attract the attention of law enforcement personnel.

Sorry, friend, but it’s probably not gonna fly. You might want to figure something else out. Soon!

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