How is this Car’s License Plate Legal?

By | May 28, 2017

Earlier today, I came across this vehicle while walking through a hotel parking lot. The letters and numbers on this car’s rear license plate have COMPLETELY faded and/or peeled away!

Here in Arkansas, enforcement of vehicle safety laws can sometimes be a bit lax. I’ve seen numerous vehicles with duct-taped windows, tied-down trunks, broken mirrors, etc. If it was a local car, I’d just shake my head and not think much about it. But this is a Wisconsin tag. Which means this dude or dudette has driven across multiple states with their “ghost plate.” How have they made it this far without being stopped and questioned by law enforcement officers?

If you happen to have a plate in similar condition (hopefully not as bad as this one), take 5 minutes with a Sharpie and restore it. Please?

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