My Nephew Carson is Finally 21 Today!

By | April 27, 2023

My goofy middle nephew Carson turns 21 today! It’s hard to believe. Seems like just yesterday, I was eating bagels and watching Barney with him. Now, he’s “all growed up”, attending college and preparing for graduate school next year. He’s going to become a chiropractor. I’m so proud of him! Carson has always been a smart, determined, and very practical guy.

In celebration of his big day, I want to get him something special. Not White Claw or Angry Orchard. I’m sure he gets plenty of that already from his college buddies. Not beer, either. Again, I’m sure he’s had more than enough of that already. My search is for something unique that he would like. He’s not a big drinker by any means, but he is open to trying new things. Suggestions?

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