Grade 1 Westview School Apple Valley MN 1970-71

By | August 26, 2019

Look what we have here! Mrs. Susan Schwartz’s first grade class at Westview Elementary School in Apple Valley, Minnesota! Who’s that grumpy boy in the third row? 1st grade was the only year that my parents didn’t purchase the school pictures package. Mom said “I’m not going to pay good money to look at you scowl at everybody!”

I think I can put a name to all of these faces:

Row 1: Principal Tom Cosgrove, Teacher Susan Schwartz

Row 2: Rich Bachman, Kathy Ferguson, Susan Erickson, King Miller, Randy Burns, Jill Pacheco

Row 3: Michelle Larson, Phillip Rousseau, Dawn Stately, Glen Pirie, Tracy Kvestad, Wayne Wagner

Row 4: Peter Scheopke, Tammy Bakken, Darla Jacobson, Greg Williams, Drew Durigan, Jeanine ?

Row 5: Carrie Stover, Shelly Stevens, Kurt Gulden, Yvette Hanson, Mary Delaney, Mike Stoffo

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