Grade K Westview School Apple Valley MN 1969-70

By | August 25, 2019

Look what I found in Mom’s basement stash of childhood memories! Yay, class pictures! They were a big deal back then. You would always wear your favorite outfit on “picture day” and make sure you looked your best. Some kids were purposely absent on this day because they were camera shy. Usually, that was only 2 or 3 kids out of a class of around 30.

I present to you Mrs. Eunice Vetter’s morning kindergarten class at Westview Elementary School in Apple Valley, Minnesota! Unfortunately, part of this photo was torn off at some point. I kept all my class pictures in glass frames for many years. Time + humidity caused the photo to stick to the glass. When it was taken out, rip city!

Principal Tom Crosgrove an Mrs. Vetter are missing. So are 3 of my classmates. I can only name a few of these, but here’s what I have:

Row 1: (torn), ?, Denise DeShaw, ?

Row 2: Maurice ?, (torn), ?, Lisa Morreau, ?, ?

Row 3: Julie Warner, ?, Kathy Burt, ?, ?, ?

Row 4: Mike Evans, ?, ?, Tracy Kvestad, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?

Row 5: Coreen Anderson, Delite Sellon, Drew Durigan, ?, ?, ?, Andrea Grazzini, Kolleen Quilici

If you can put a name to some of the “?” faces, please let me know!

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