Grade 3 Westview School Apple Valley MN 1972-73

By | August 28, 2019

Today, we move on to Mrs. Doris Urbain’s third grade class at Westview Elementary School in Apple Valley, Minnesota:

Row 1: Chris Niesen, Don Hillman, Principal Tom Cosgrove, Teacher Doris Urbain, Laura Jacquard, Tim Pietz

Row 2: Mike Ekegren, Linda Young, Dan Piper, Leigh Mohart, Tom Kenyon, Lisa Morreau

Row 3: Jana Voelke, Kevin James, Shelly Jewett, Glen Pirie, Sheryl Braun, ?

Row 4: Peter Schoepke, Julie Warner, Greg Williams, Michelle Eibner, Drew Durigan, Jeanine ?

Row 5: Kolleen Quilici, Delite Sellon, Kurt Gulden, Sarah Bergwald, Andrea Grazzini, Jeff Bolstad

3rd grade was an “average” year for me. I didn’t love it. I didn’t hate it. The following year, Mrs. Urbain was promoted along with us from third to fourth grade. Which meant that some in our class had her for a teacher 2 years in a row. I wasn’t one of them. I guess Mrs. Urbain decided that one year with me was enough!

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