Using Facebook to Find Old Forgotten Friends

By | August 9, 2013

Everyone complains about Facebook stalkers, scams, and schemes. And granted, there’s a lot of junk on here to filter through. But Facebook can also be an amazing resource for connecting with people whom you’d never have a chance to get together with otherwise.

Last week, a FB friend whom I worked with 30 years ago at my first radio job in Colorado just happened to post a photo of himself and his son on Lake Superior. Turns out, he was in Duluth for a wedding and I was going to be driving right through there in a few days. We met up last Saturday and spent a few hours together. Last time I saw him was 1997. Last time I saw his wife (who also worked in radio) was 1985.

Earlier this week, a friend of a friend commented on a post. I recognized her name as being part of a family who owns 9 radio stations in northern Minnesota. I’ve admired their stations and followed their progress for years. We’re now FB friends.

Yesterday, a high school friend just happened to post she was headed up to Ely. Looking at the map, I realized she would be driving right past the place where I am staying. We were able to see each other for the first time since 1984.

Facebook ain’t perfect. It can be a real time waster if you’re not careful. But for free, it’s a pretty good resource!

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