Park Rapids Minnesota Still Has a REAL A&W!

By | August 23, 2012

I’ve always loved A&W Restaurants! When I was a kid, Grandma Durigan would bring me there on Tuesday for 19 cent coneys! Charlie’s A&W, at 43rd Street and Hiawatha Avenue in Minneapolis. In those days, all A&Ws were drive-ins. Today, not so much. The “modern” version often combines an A&W with Long John Silver’s or another fast food restaurant. And of course, there are no car hops.

Thankfully, the A&W in Park Rapids, Minnesota is still alive. And yes, it’s a REAL one! Car hops serve draft root beer in glass mugs. The All American Food is pretty good, too. Be sure to stop in and spend some money with these folks if you find yourself in the Park Rapids area. A&W is located right on U.S. Highway 71, just as you come into town from the south.

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