Last Night’s Dinner at Zorbaz on the Lake

By | August 23, 2012

Zorbaz on the Lake is an interesting place. Actually, I should say “places” since Zorbaz has 11 eateries scattered across northern and central Minnesota. The one I ate at was Zorbaz Park Rapids. It’s not actually in Park Rapids, but rather, in rural Hubbard county. Or, as they say on their website: “1/2 mile north of Dorzet, located between Big & Little Zand Lakez.” This was originally the home of Chateau Paulette, a rather rowdy honky-tonk which I told you about a few days ago.

We went there for dinner last night. The food was great. I ordered the enchiladas and they did not disappoint! Zorbaz prides themselves on serving huge portions of food. As you can see, I wasn’t able to finish all of it. That’s fine. I’ll have the rest for lunch today. I didn’t sample the drinks menu because it was early and my mother would not have approved! This is a fun place with friendly staff and a great atmosphere. I give 2 thumbz up to Zorbaz!

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