First Kiosks, Now Pizza Hut’s Robo Sign Girl

By | August 25, 2021

More fast food automation! We’ve all seen the self-order kiosks that McDonald’s is installing in their restaurants. Today, I noticed that Pizza Hut is also cutting back on workers.

Used to be, a young guy or girl would occasionally stand on the intersection nearest this restaurant with a sign, advertising Pizza Hut’s special promotions. It was usually a high-school or college-age kid. Now, the human has been replaced with a robot. The sign even moves in the robot’s hands by means of a small motor attached to a car battery. She’s kinda cute! Saves the company a lot of money, too.

By the way, Robo Sign Girl needs a bigger battery. She’s a pretty lively lady during the lunch hour, but she’s pooped out by dinner time!

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