Logitech $5 Brand New Garage Sale Mouse

By | July 18, 2015

This is why I LOVE garage sales! In 2002, I was visiting friends in Kansas when the mouse pad died on my laptop. The cheap and quick fix was to buy an external mouse. So, off I went to Staples and purchased a Logitech USB mouse for around $15. I quickly realized that I liked the “feel” of the external mouse better than the mouse pad on the laptop, so I continued to use it even after getting a new computer.

13 years and 3 laptops later, it’s still working perfectly. It’s a heavy, well-built unit. Not cheap junk that falls apart. Yesterday, I came across this at a garage sale. Same exact mouse except for the color! Price? $5 new in the package! So now, I have a spare. Never underestimate the power of the garage sale!

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