Chinese Buffet Sign: “You Eat You Go Home”

By | December 10, 2011

Not only is this sign hilarious, it also speaks much truth as to peoples’ perceptions of a Chinese buffet’s true purpose in the world.

When I was younger and much dumber, I routinely ate too much. One of my great thrills in life was getting all the food I could possibly stuff into my mouth for a cheap price. Livin’ the CheapoLife! The two best sources of this endless gluttony are pizza buffets and Chinese buffets. I was known to linger for hours on occasion. If you stay long enough after you are “full”, you will become hungry enough to start eating again. More for your money!

Another trick I learned was getting there right before they switched from lunch to dinner pricing. If dinner began at 4:00, I’d show up at 3:50. This way, I could enjoy the expensive items on the dinner menu (seafood) and pay the lunch price. Brilliant! I could usually get away with this, although you had to be careful. Some restaurant owners got wise and would move their clocks ahead 10-15 minutes! Others began placing signs next to their pricier offerings: “THIS ITEM FOR DINNER MENU ONLY. MUST PAY DINNER PRICE!”

Will this sign deter cheapo customers from abusing the buffet? Probably not. Piggies gonna pig!

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