Free Curbside Furniture For the Taking

By | June 17, 2021

Having grown up in Minnesota and now living in Arkansas, I have noticed that Southerners have their own way of doing things. Activities that are frowned on or even banned outright “up north” are perfectly legal and acceptable south of the Mason-Dixon line. One of these is the placing of items on the curb to be given away to whomever wants them.

Where I’m from, the only thing you put out for pickup is garbage on trash day. Down here, all manner of valuable stuff is placed out in front of the house, eagerly awaiting a new owner to come along and make use of it once again.

If you need something and cannot afford to purchase it, drive around and check the curbs! Want a barbecue grill? I’ll bet you can find one! Need a new bedroom dresser? It’s there! Old appliances? Yep! We got them, too!

Today, we have free living room AND bedroom furnishings. Yours for the taking. It’s a Southern thing. By the way, this stuff is actually in better shape than some of the furnished rentals I lived in during my radio career!

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